Welcome to imatter Online Counselling and Psychotherapy, I am glad that you found your way here and commend you for reaching out and taking this courageous step to seek help, in the form of counselling or psychotherapy. My name is Marcia Cummins, I am a qualified psychotherapist and survivor of childhood trauma. It would be an absolute honour to join you on your journey of healing, self-growth, and personal development. 


The first time I experienced counselling and psychotherapy, I was the client, and I can honestly say that the experience was positively life changing for me. Before private therapy, I was merely existing and plodding through my life, my past traumas were weighing me down and impacting on my present life and how I related to others, but with private therapy, I went from victim to survivor and then to who I am now, a thriver!


And so, I trained and studied hard for many years and utilised my life experience, to become a psychotherapist, because I want to be there for you and others, in the way that my psychotherapist has previously been there for me.


I offer a high-quality integrative approach to psychotherapy, in a variety of contexts, that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person that I work with. My approaches include person centred- experiential, relational psychoanalysis, self-psychology, existential and transpersonal fields of therapy. Psychotherapy is a talking therapy; however, we may occasionally integrate Cognitive behavioural tools where appropriate to do so.


So, as you think over your decision to have therapy or not, please remember this...’you’ are not too much, ‘you’ deserve to be seen, heard and have your feelings validated, and as your therapist, I can and will hold your pain, as you work through it... 


Life can get better, ‘you’ can feel better, and healing is possible!


Wishing you all the best